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Soul Mates Inseperable A Welcome Awaits Lonely Days Are Over

"My latest collection of paintings explore the journey we take through life and the sense of wonderment at the world around us. As l grow older l seem constantly reflecting on the path that life has taken me down. This has been brought into sharper focus by watching my young son begin his own journey. One day he, like me will wander (sometimes aimlessly), into the unknown, and sadly as my walk nears its natural end, he will have to navigate his own route. But he is not alone.

My latest imagery features a boy but he also has a companion. This is a metaphor for the relationships we make (animal or human), or even his own sense of self and consciousness which we all travel with, as we go about tackling the road ahead.

Oh, and one final thing he`ll have with him to give him strength. l will always travel with him... in his heart."

When Paths Cross